Analyzing Electric Vehicle Diffusion Scenarios for Istanbul

In this study, a dynamic simulation model for electric vehicle (EV) diffusion is constructed. The objective of this work is to investigate two main questions; what are the plausible diffusion patterns of electric vehicles for Istanbul under different scenarios developed considering both local and global socio-economic, governmental, technological factors and their interaction with each other? Secondly, what is the extent of the diffusion rate that can be expected in Istanbul after three decades? The model is validated by standard structure and behavior tests.

Integrated Model Testing, Validation and Behavior Analysis Software for System Dynamics Models

In this thesis a software for model behavior testing, validation and analysis is created. This software integrates previously developed methods on steady state behavior analysis based on traditional statistical methods and behavior classication based on pattern recognition literature, and introduces new features, functionalities and usage modes to them. It is the rst comprehensive tool that communicates with existing modeling software and performs automated analysis and evaluation. It is shown that this tool can assist the modeler/analyst in various stages during a dynamic modeling study.

Designing a flexible assembly line for concealed cistern production

In the context of this project, the project team is expected to analyze the assembly operations of a product (concealed cistern), and develop alternative balanced assembly line designs that can satisfy the desired production rate expectations. Three different variants of the product is expected to be assembled on this line. The problem owner’s primary objective is to achieve a smoother production rate with minimal idle time on the assembly line.

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