Dynamics of Income Segregation & Income Inequality

In this study, to shed more light on income segregation, an agent-based model is built to investigate how income inequality affects income segregation and its characteristics. The model is capable of demonstrating the expected positive relationship between income inequality and income segregation both statistically and visually. In addition, it is found that income inequality conditions the possible levels of income segregation although its positive impact tends to saturate at higher levels.

Forecasting electricity generation of wind turbines based on weather forecasts

Forecasting the electricity production of a wind turbine is both technically and financially a very important problem. In that respect, generation companies as well as the overall system operator is trying to make 24-hour and 6-hour generation forecasts based on weather forecasts. In this project, the team will be responsible for collecting raw data that can be used as the independent variables of a forecasting model to be developed.

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