Agent-based Modeling

Simulation-based evaluation of vendor-managed inventory approach for a FMCG supply chain

Currently, distributors of a FMCG company manage their inventories individually by placing weekly orders according to their needs and sell-in targets to the central manufacturing facility. Company is considering to shift to an alternative supply chain-wide stock management scheme; i.e. "Vendor Managed Inventory” model. In this model, the producer will be making replenishment decision centrally for all distributors in-line with their sell-out performance and agreed stock level.

Dynamics of Income Segregation & Income Inequality

In this study, to shed more light on income segregation, an agent-based model is built to investigate how income inequality affects income segregation and its characteristics. The model is capable of demonstrating the expected positive relationship between income inequality and income segregation both statistically and visually. In addition, it is found that income inequality conditions the possible levels of income segregation although its positive impact tends to saturate at higher levels.

Interactive Simulator for the Turkish Electricity Trading Market

Following the liberalization of the power (electricity) sector, electricity became a commodity being traded on the day-ahead and spot markets. The aim of this project is to analyze the way these markets work, and implement an interactive simulator that allows to study strategic bidding behavior of the players in a multi-player context.

Influence Spread over Social Networks and Seed Selection Problem

Social communities, whether online or real, can be seen as networks. In these networks, each node corresponds to an individual and two nodes are connected on this network if they are related (e.g. are friends). Social networks are the environment where the social influence takes place. For example, a person is clearly influenced by its neighbors (friends) on a social network about which movie to watch, which video content to post on Facebook, or what to retweet. Or, a rumor will spread among people through the links of this social network.

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