Supervised Projects

MSc Thesis Projects

Grad Student Keywords Status Completion Year
An Agent-Based Model for Assessment of Irrigation Policies in Konya Closed Basin Büşra Kobya Agent-based Modeling In Progress
Analyzing the Emergence and Dynamics of Pluralistic Ignorance with Agent-based Models Ezgi Topuz Agent-based Modeling, Social Networks In Progress
Analysing The Efficacy Of Feature Elimination And Adaptive Sampling In Meta-Model Based Exploration Of Agent-Based Simulation Models Ecemnaz Yıldız Agent-based Modeling, Metamodelling, Model Analysis Completed 2022
Dynamics Of Long-Term Essential Hypertension And Pharmacotherapy Options Zeynep Hasgül System Dynamics, Health Completed 2022
Expression Dynamics Of Minority Opinion In Homophily-Oriented Networks İrem Betül Koçak Agent-based Modeling, Social Networks Completed 2022
Rising Healthcare Costs under Public/Private Health Service Models: A Dynamic Simulation Analysis Şanser Güz System Dynamics, Health Completed 2022
A Comparative Analysis On Modification Of Social Networks Over Links With Mechanism Combinations Merve Ünal Social Networks, Agent-based Modeling Completed 2021
Adaptive Sampling With Feature Elimination For Agent-Based Models Pelin Yurdadön Social Networks, Agent-based Modeling Completed 2020
The Effect Of Network Characteristics On The Competitive Performance Of Centrality-Based Heuristics In Influence Maximization Cansu Özerim Social Networks, Agent-based Modeling Completed 2020
A Reinforcement Learning Approach for Adaptive Dispatching Rule Acquisition for Automated Guided Vehicles Yasemin Aylin Aktürk Agent-based Modeling Completed 2019
Analyzing the Effect of Cooperative and Competitive Behavior of Manufacturers on DRAM Market Dynamics İpek Dursun Agent-based Modeling Completed 2018
Assessment Of Alternative Contract Designs For Demand Side Response In Turkish Electricity Supply System Hatice Gökçen Akkoyun Agent-based Modeling, Energy Completed 2018
Modeling and Analysis of the Dynamics of Informal Employment Rate in Turkey Abdülkadir Gürbüz System Dynamics Completed 2018
Seed Selection in Social Networks with Imperfect Network Structure Information Sirag Erkol Agent-based Modeling, Social Network Completed 2016
Dynamics of Income Segregation & Income Inequality Mustafa Yavaş Agent-based Modeling, Statistics Completed 2015
Analyzing Electric Vehicle Diffusion Scenarios for Istanbul Özlem Turan System Dynamics, Simulation Completed 2014
Integrated Model Testing, Validation and Behavior Analysis Software for System Dynamics Models Can Sücüllü Simulation, System Dynamics, Python Completed 2014

IE 492 Senior Graduation Projects

Currently ongoing and available set of graduation project topics that I am willing to supervise are given below. If you are interested in one of open topics, contact me through email or come over to my office sometime to talk about it.
Topic Keywords Team Members Status
Building an interactive simulator for treatment of Chemotherapy Induced Neutropenia using G-CSF (Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor) System Dynamics Naz Beril Akay, Orkun İrsoy, Kanser Güz Completed
Designing an Auto Adaptive Inventory Replenishment System Adem Çalaner, Deniz Sezin Ayvaz, Hazal Hasret Yurdakul Completed
Forecasting electricity generation of wind turbines based on weather forecasts Data Collection, Data Processing, Statistics, Forecasting Barış Balaban, Müge Gönül, Mehmetcan Uzun Completed
Designing a decision support tool for selecting influential nodes on a social network Statistics, Agent-based Modeling Kaan Aköz, Suzan Ayas, İpek Kavuzlu, Tuğçe Türk Completed
Designing a flexible assembly line for concealed cistern production Facilities Design, Simulation Baturay Öz, Mehmet Yekta Tabanlı, Yasin Yıldız Completed
Influence Spread over Social Networks and Seed Selection Problem Agent-based Modeling Zülal Akarsu, Ahmet Anıl Görgülü, Ece Soyak Completed
Modelling energy-use behavior of BU students based on personal and climatic conditions Gizem Nur Şurgun, Fazlı Onur, Aslı Demir Completed
Simulation-based evaluation of vendor-managed inventory approach for a FMCG supply chain Agent-based Modeling, Supply Chains Gökçe Dayanıklı, Ömer Çil, Enes Alkaya Completed
Effective Capacity Allocation and Planning Data Analysis, Linear Programming, Forecasting Open
Pick-up Optimization at the Warehouse for Production Orders: Data Analysis, Programming, Linear Programming Open

RA Projects

There are no project topics that I am willing to supervise at this time. If you think you have a topic proposal that relates to my areas of interest, feel free to contact me to discuss it.