Designing a flexible assembly line for concealed cistern production

In the context of this project, the project team is expected to analyze the assembly operations of a product (concealed cistern), and develop alternative balanced assembly line designs that can satisfy the desired production rate expectations. Three different variants of the product is expected to be assembled on this line. The problem owner’s primary objective is to achieve a smoother production rate with minimal idle time on the assembly line. Apart from that, they also wish to be able to have an assembly line that is easily reconfigurable in reaction to a change in the desired production rate (i.e. two configurations one for higher and one for lower rate of production). The team is also expected to propose a replenishment schedule for the assembly line for different production rates. The analysis will be based on real-life assembly and operation data provided by Nova Plastik. The team will also be required to collect additional data that may be required to supplement the available data from the company.

Team Members: 
Baturay Öz, Mehmet Yekta Tabanlı, Yasin Yıldız