Modelling for Policy Analysis

Course Code: 
IE 59C

The course aims to provide an in depth understanding about the policy analysis process, and the use of simulation models in that context. The course participants will mainly be reviewing and discussing published good/poor practices of model-based policy analysis (a reading list will be given). These discussions will focus on problem identification and framing, system abstraction and model conceptualization, experimental design, and analyses of the results. During these reviews and discussions based on a diverse set of selected papers, the participants are expected to widen their perspectives on modeling and model-use for policy analysis.



Additionally, the course aims to improve the skills of the students in individually conducting a model-based policy analysis process. For that purpose, the participants will be conducting a guided study through out the semester, starting from problem identification and ending with reporting the results. Although the studies will be conducted individually, progress discussions will be collective. This way, the students will have the chance to be both on the feedback giving, and receiving sides. A successful participant is expected to finalize the guided study with a complete report, which can be submitted as a conference paper.